Thursday, 13 June 2013

Graduate Fashion Week

A little bit late but here is just a small review of this years Graduate Fashion Week, there was some amazing collections and talent being unveiled and I have to say, it made me proud to be part of LJMU Fashion! This years show saw sportswear coming through as a predominant trend as well as some exquisitely detailed designs. The innovative use of fabrics was one of my favourite aspects as well as the techniques that some of the designers incorporated into their work.  Here are a few of the well deserved winners, as well as being in my list of top collections!

First of all, Edinburgh College of Art student, Lauren Smith, walked away with the George Gold Award as well as £20,00 for her wonderfully creative yet simplistic collection. The idea of using the inspiration gained from the workings within a sketchbook produced a very detailed and intricate collection, cleverly transforming shapes and scribbles into the finest embroidery. I personally think that it is the hand drawn prints and over sized objects that really emphasize the roots of this collection and make it so deserving of the award that it achieved.

GFW George Gold Award winner Lauren Smith
Hannah Williams of UCA Epsom claimed the womenswear award for her collection of white and pastel silicone deigns, for which she also managed to pick up the innovation award. The combination of fabrics and techniques came together to produce outstanding garments inspired by surreal sculpture and the 1920s flapper girls. Hannah created these exquisite pieces, including jewellery and accessories, through creating moulds in which she then poured the silicone into - very clever! I have to agree with everyone when they claim that this young designer is most definitely the one to watch.


Nottingham Trent student, Thea Sanders, won the Stuart Peters Visionary Knitwear Award for her vibrant collection of knitted garments. The traditional British patterns clashed with inspiration from Islamic tiling was presented through an eye catching colour palette which accentuated the finer technical details within the knit and weave methods used. A very deserving winner all round!

Other winners..

Menswear Award: Shauni Douglas & Olivia Creber - Edinburgh College of Art
Zhandra Rhodes Textiles Award: Kirandeep Bassan - Northampton University

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