Monday, 19 August 2013

How I achieve my 'every day' look

Like most people, I have a typical, quick and easy, every day look. Partially because I'm always late for everything, I don't tend to have the time to put much effort into my appearance, although I don't go for the 'just out of bed' look either. I like to look natural with a few added extras. My curly hair is a bonus as it means I can wash it, apply a few products and just leave it to do it's thing! If only my face worked the same way. Cleanse, tone and moisturiser is always the first part of my morning ritual, I love using the Simple range as they're so good to your skin, it feels lovely and refreshed! If I've got a long day ahead or have to battle with the elements then a primer is essential, I give Nivea's moisturising primer a 10/10, fabulous! Due to the fact that I have slightly oily skin I really hate using heavy makeup, instead I've found the miracle known as BB creams. So far I've tried a few different brands but I have to say that Boots 17 BB cream is my favourite, it really does help improve the skins appearance massively yet has an ultra light feel to it. Liquid concealers can be a lifesaver for those dark circles or nasty blemishes, Rimmel's Wake Me Up concealer gives great coverage and again, has a very light consistency. Collection 2000's blush and highlight cream duo works wonderfully with the BB cream base and blends in exquisitely! Use the blush under the cheekbones to create definition, use the excess on your fingers on areas such as temples and jawline for added sculpting. Apply the highlighter just above cheekbones and around the outer eye-socket to reflect light. For me, it's all about the eyebrows. Nicely shaped and defined brows need to be shown off which is why I add colour to them using Urban Decays Brow Box, which also includes wax to set the powder if you want a really defined look. I find that there is nothing worse than when you're in a rush and your lashes are just clumping together to look like spiders legs. Rimmel's Lash Accelerator Endless mascara not only encourages lash growth, but does a fantastic job of separating, defining and lengthening  them with it's comb brush, giving you a natural but full effect. To finish off the look, I tend to opt for either a coral or nude lip (Barry M and Kate Moss for Rimmel are my favourites) or make a bit of a statement with a lovely bright red colour. So that's pretty much it for my daily routine for my natural every day look, hope you like it! 

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